Cheltenham Medical Company

We are a principal supplier to The Primary Ear Care Centre. Over a number of years we have worked closely with them to develop a range of instruments that are specially designed for the ear care professional. Some of these instruments are significantly smaller and finer than those normally available, giving the practitioner optimum visual and procedural access to the ear canal, and are unique within the Primary Care market.
This range comprises...

Single Use

Chelmed* Noots Ear Tanks**

For Primary Care the Noots Tanks are also available through The Primary Ear Care Centre and major medical suppliers

For Hospitals please call Mike on 08456 123445 or 01242 245762
or email

Jobson Horne Probe 14cm (5") and 17.5cm (7")

Mal Ear Mops
Tilley Forceps 5.1cm
Crocs/Micro Alligator Forceps 7.5cm
Aural Specula - round, oval and slotted
Zoellner Suction Tubes
Bubble Tubing

ProPulse Ear Tips

ProJet 101 Ear Tips 

Thudicum Nasal Specula - 3 sizes                                                                                      Laryngeal Mirror 25mm

Jobson Horne Probe 18cm (7")
Tilley Forceps 6cm
Henckel Forceps 7.5cm
Aural Specula - Gruber Round or Oval, set of 4
Noots Ear Tanks

We also supply a wide range of Fibre Optic Otoscopes, Ear Tips - both reusable and Single Use - for all major manufacturers. 

As with our other products we supply them all at highly competitive prices

*   Chelmed is the registered trade mark of Cheltenham Medical Company Ltd
** Registered Community Design No. 000971650-0001